Sunday, March 16, 2014

FAA Aviation Physician Dr. Unger Confirms Memory Deficits Caused by Statins

Sunday, March 16, 2013  on CNN's show "State of the Union", Candy Crowley interviewed Dr. Christopher Unger.  Dr. Unger is an FAA designated physician which means that he is chosen by the FAA as a physician qualified to examine pilots to see if they are qualified physically, mentally and emotionally to fly the huge jet airliners that carry hundreds of people.

Ms. Crowley asked Dr. Unger what constitutes passing an exam here and abroad.  She went on to question what could have happened to these pilots on the missing Malaysian Airliner because when their neighbors and friends were questioned they told investigators that these men were really nice guys who seemed to be in a really nice place, all of those sorts of things.  So how do we know that we have a pilot in trouble.  She mentioned that we've had pilots in the U.S. who when it was detected that they had some troubles, they were taken off the planes.

Dr. response was something I never expected.  His response confirmed so much of what I ve been saying about statins!  He said, "Candy let me give you two examples:
One example is medicines we use to lower cholesterol.  These may be among the most prescribed medicines in the world.  These medicines give rise to memory deficits, they give rise to transient global amnesia, and we're sort of naive of that especially when they might be mixed with something else.

This physician FAA approved physician is telling us that cholesterol lowering drugs give rise to amnesia and to transient global amnesia!!!!

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