Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Pills Are Not The Answer - You Are

Everyone wants the quick fix!  Take a pill or some form of medicine.  Most people have no idea what they are taking but they just KNOW it's going to fix their diabetes and they can eat whatever in the heck they want/crave!  This type of thinking most assuredly brought about majority of type 2 diabetes in the first place! 

The beta cells of the pancreas where your insulin is created and secreted have a finite life.  Evolutionarily the pancreas did not have to deal with the exorbitant amount of carbohydrates that are present in the food system today.  Pre-modern human beings ate whatever they could kill or grow - and at the beginning there was no such thing as grain/wheat nor were there much of any carbohydrates.  Evolution lost out to progress and chemicals - it couldn't keep up with all the sugar dumps into the body.  It tries valiantly but it is no match for the formidable foe called carbohydrates.

Every time you eat carbs, every time you eat a piece of bread, a bowl of cereal, a baked potato, an ear of corn, a plate of spaghetti - your pancreas is working like those huge out-take pumps in New Orleans during Katrina to pump out enough insulin to clear all that glucose (aka sugar) out of your system.  

In addition to being overworked which then results in the beta cells being burned out at an earlier age, say like in your 40's, all that insulin is also literally bathing your cells constantly as it is looking for a way to get the glucose into those cells where it is supposedly needed.  Oh, it is needed alright but only a certain amount of glucose is required for each cell to operate properly.  

Each cell has many receptors.  These receptors are the gatekeepers for the cell.  When insulin brings the glucose to the individual cell, the insulin “knocks” on the gate.  The receptors rise and open to enable the insulin to deliver the glucose.  

However, cells that are being constantly bathed in insulin become immune to insulin’s knocking.  They refuse to open.  Like the story about the boy who cried wolf, the receptors no longer believe that they need to respond to the insulin’s call.  You are now insulin resistant.  

You created it.  You control it.  You can change it.  Y.O.U. is not spelled P.I.L.L.  

You control your insulin by eating a low carbohydrate diet and exercise.  Yep, people you actually need to do something besides taking pills.  Pills are like a band-aid on cancer.  You cover it up but the problem is still there.  That’s why your doctor may have told you that diabetes is a “progressive debilitating disease”  Ha!  Not!  

Caution:  If you decide with your doctor that you are going to go on a low carb diet and exercise you must be aware of the possibility of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.  Check with your doctor to especially if your taking insulin injections.  A low carb diet will require meager amounts of insulin as you progressively bring down the carbs you need to progressively bring down the amount of insulin you are taking.  This may also apply to oral anti-hyperglycemic medication.  Check with your doctor before beginning any change in your diet, exercise or medication.  This is nothing to fool around with - you need guidance.  

My husband came off of 43 units within 3 months of going on a low carb diet and exercise.  That was in 2003!  He has never looked back!  Within 9 months he lost 80 pounds and lost another 20 pounds a few years later for a total weight loss of 100 pounds.  Within one year, this man who had neuropathy so severe in both feet that limited his walking to 75 feet, was in two 5K races (walking) and finished.  

He is free of insulin, free of diuretics, free of pain medications.  He was taking Neurontin for the painful neuropathy and Naproxen for what the doctors told him was sciatica (we also cleared up his 20 years of "sciatica" with four simple piriformis exercises).  He is free of statin medication.  

  • He listened to what I had to tell him....Education
  • He did what he needed to do................Responsibility
  • He planned each day............................Implementation

  • Yes, low carb and not more and more pills. 
  • Yes, taking responsibility / control of your diabetes instead of it controlling you and your life. Yes, you can overcome the horrible effects diabetes. 
  • Yes, you will not have to worry about side effects of pills. 
  • Yes, you will have renewed energy that you at this moment you can not even imagine

  • No, diabetes is not a progressive debilitating disease no matter what you've have been told.
  • No, it is not too late to start.  My husband suffered from diabetes for nearly 25 years before we found Dr. Bernstein's book.
  • No, I don’t want to sell you anything - I want to share how my husband regained his energy and good health.  

My husband and I have been married 54 years.  He turned 76 years old on the 8th of February.
It’s not too late for you.

God bless you all.